Monday, December 03, 2007

thoughts and happenings that really aren't that interesting

Blogging has given me journal syndrome. Meaning, I write something and days or weeks later I read it and think WHAT was I thinking? When I read my old journals I think I am the biggest nerd on the planet. This is why I don't currently keep a journal.

We bought new reading lamps at Ikea and Jamie waited until we were in the parking lot, receipt in hand, to tell me that he hated them. I wanted to scream and throw up my non-fat frozen yogurt cone all over the asphalt. Yesterday he said they are "growing on him," so no more wanting to retch on my part. I actually like them. They remind me of hotel lamps, which may be tacky, but hey, who doesn't like hotels?

I think a spider bit Pearl today. She suddenly started screaming hysterically in her crib, like I've never heard her cry before, and I couldn't calm her down. I tried feeding her and she finally stopped. When she was done, I looked at her face and half of it was blotchy red. She was acting fine, though, so I gave her some Benadryl and hoped for the best. It was so sad to see my sweet girl smiling at me with a big red ring around her eye. As if I didn't hate bugs enough... (Box elder bugs, you know who you are.)

We are moving soon. Like, in two weeks. It is back to our old complex, but a newer apartment. We are anticipating a little awkwardness, but our new place has a dishwasher and garbage disposal and, heavens, that is incentive enough for me to trudge into church on Sunday and explain to forty people why we moved back.

All of my jeans have holes in them. This leaves me very little incentive to get dressed in the morning. (And I really didn't have any to begin with. Why put on nice clothes when your kids are going to stain them ten minutes later?) I am boycotting Seven for all Mankind jeans because I really don't think my knees are THAT bony.

The kids and I hung out at my sister Emily's tonight while Jamie was at school. This was the conversation on the way home.

Milo: Jamie. Jamie. Jamie. Jamie!

Jamie: What, Milo?

Milo: Cousins! (giggle)

(Repeated about ten times.)

Milo loves his cousins and we are so grateful to live close to so many of them. (I am not very grateful, however, that Milo has for all intents and purposes reached The Terrible Twos and is the hardest child lately! I love you Milo, but I don't have to like you right now.)

Ummmmmmm, The End.


Emily said...

Milo was perfect at our house last night. You have to like him.

Sarah said...

a) That's what journals are for: so we can look back and learn from our goofiness.
b) Which lamps did you get?
c) Wish we lived closer. Or YOU lived closer. Milo and Owen need to be cousin friends too.

kelly mccaleb said...

hey, how'd you get that picture of my legs?

Abby said...

Emily, he actually was pretty good last night. There are other incidents I am thinking of. Mostly hitting incidents. And you can't make me like my firstborn son. I won't do it.

Sarah, I guess I don't want my posterity knowing of my goofiness. Click on the hyperlink for the lamps. I wish we lived closer too. Although, Milo is more enamored with his older cousins of late. They're cooler, I guess. He has limited to no interaction with Norah and Lincoln. Someday.

Kelly, aren't my legs beautiful???

Emily said...

Sarah, please move to utah.

A Special Family said...

Sound like great incentives (or is it insentives?) to move to me, why would your Church be upset?

Okay, your blog is better than the to listen!

Abby said...

No one would be upset. I just mean that we moved out only a few months ago and now we are moving back and our congregation is going to wonder why. That's all!

Bon said...

i hear you on the terrible twos! tucker's birthday was officially today, but he's been acting 2 for about 6 months now. hitting, yelling, the works-it's great fun. i'm dreading 1:00 clock church next year when tucker will miss a nap and the world will thus be over.

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! Give your mom a break today!