Friday, December 14, 2007

Something I will miss when we move.

Deer appear on the porch multiple times a day. They are so beautiful and gentle.

(But is it ethical that all of the food scraps in this house get thrown out for the deer? I really wonder, but then I throw out mine too because it is so cold outside and I really worry about these creatures. I am not an animal person at all, but ever since I've had children I see baby animals and am reminded of my sweet babies. Please someone else tell me I'm not crazy and you do this too. We will be driving down the road and see a baby goat and I tell Jamie, "Awwww, it's Pearl!" Then he smiles because he knows he married someone special. Also, Jamie tells me not to worry about the deer because they "bed down" in the winter. I finally confessed to him that bedding down makes me think they are wrapped up in blankets under the trees. Seriously, though, can I start a foundation that spreads blankets out for wild animals? I think PETA would help. They are kind of crazy, though. Come to think of it, I am really crazy. Disregard this post except for the beautiful deer pictures.)


Sarah said...

That's so pretty! I can't believe you get deer at your back door! You need to get your own goat. Likely that will cure you.

Ashlee said...

Abby, pretty pictures. How cool to have deer right outside your window! By the way, I feel your pain with the whole terrible twos thing. Olivia is 2 1/2 and somedays I don't think I will be able to survive her. It is great that we can look back and laugh (of course not usually in the moment).
P.S. (Go team Jacob!!!)

Emily said...

Abby, you make me laugh. You're moving back to Orem, so now it's time to get all nostalgic about Herriman! I am thrilled that you will be so close! Thank you for moving.

Bon said...

pretty pictures. it's like you live in a cabin or something. (by the way, do you?) and really-what does "bed down" mean? i would agree with your logic

Neil and Diana said...

Abby, you are the funniest bunny! I heart your posts.

Val and Dan said...

Abigail, how I miss thee! I KNEW you would just love Michael Sandecki, and totally truthfully, I could picture you imitating him and making the hand gestures before you even commented! hahaha

Dan's favorite part is some of his priceless facial expressions in the camera. My favorite part is when he says "Oh wow!" after stumbling backwards. hahahahaha!

There is one, however, that we love even more than Michael Sandecki. This guy is our absolute all time favorite:

MIss you like crazy!

Hanna said...

Wow that's really cool! We saw deer and moose a lot out our backyard in Idaho when I was young; but since moving to Arizona it has been pretty wildlifeless. . .unless you count ants and scorpions as wildlife. Think you could get a pretty picture of those? ;)

Meghan said...

Great pictures! Reminds me of the times I got to watch the deer run across the softball field at Wymount while I washed dishes. Now I get to watch squirrels...not quite the same. Has it snowed a ton this year?

Abby said...

So no one else thinks their children are animals...

wendy said...

Beth is a monkey (she loves them)
Sahara is a kitty cat
Ryland is a lion
Kenyon is a puppy
Claire is a bunny
Ezra is a giraffe

Those are the animals I think of when I think of my kids and I usually buy them those particular animals in stuffed (toy) form for holidays.

How was the move? I am SO sorry we weren't able to help!