Friday, November 09, 2007

Emily met Fabio

So I am thinking, who have I met? Famous-wise?

Margaret Thatcher. Prime Minister of England 1979-1990.

Pretty good, but that is it.

My point is, I want to meet more famous people. Hold the Fabio.


Emily said...

I didn't meet him. I just saw him. It was the 4th of July or something, and we were both at the airport.

Also encountered:
Thurl Bailey
Larry King
Howard Stern

I certainly have not ever touched the British PM.

Hey, let's get my people (Fabio, Thurl, Larry and Howard) and your person (Maggie) together and play some cards somtime. Or, we could leave out the people and just get together. Like tonight, if you want. Really. Angela and Brian are coming over to play Apples to Apples at 7:15 or so. We'd love to have you.

Emily said...

OH, and Mitt Romney. But who am I kidding? He's mom's people.

And Janet Napolitano and Jon Kyl and I think that's it.

Abby said...

And WHAT a card party that would be! Maybe there'd be a Janet/Fabio hookup.
You've met a lot of famies.
I would love love love to come over but Jamie has homework up the wazoo! Now I'm ticked.

Emily said...

Darn it. We'll give you more notice next time. Can we take you and J and M and P out to dinner after pictures next week?

Anonymous said...

Not counting celebs observed at ball games or concerts, here's my short list of "famous friends":
Mitt Romney - of course. Knew him at BYU
George McGovern - rode subway with him in D.C.
The Lettermen - waited on them at Arctic Circle
Margaret Thatcher - backstage at The Phoenician
Bob Hope - press conference. My photo appeared
in Canton, Ill. Daily Ledger next day
Lola Redford - Bob's (ex-)wife. At Sundance
John McCain - at Sky Harbor
Anquan Boldin - at Independence
George Clarke -(Letterman handman) - on
sidewalk outside Ed Sullivan Theater
I'm sure there are more. Amye

Abby said...

We can't forget Jeff Hornacek, Mom!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. Thanks to Don F. for that sighting when JH was trying to help us with our bags, and Dad dissed him. AG

Abby said...

Jamie has met Senator Hatch, Senator McCain, various Singapore leaders.

I think the combined members of the Godfrey family know enough powerful people to take over the world.

Oh, and his mom met the Gubernator. (Schwarzenegger.)

wendy said...

Actually, Roger was the one who met Arnold at a hotel Roger worked at in Aspen.

Abby said...

Jamie lied.

A Special Family said...

How did you meet Maggie? Did you tell her how her selling off council houses has caused turmoil in the UK?! lol

Here's my list some just met/some chatted & had good conversations with!
Billy Connely
Princess Di
Queen Mum
Queen & Philip
other less well known royals
Lord Mayor of London
Anne Murray
Princess of Jordan
Nelson Mandela
Cast of AMC (All My Children)

Now if only I could meet a husband ;)

A Special Family said...

Abby, still waiting to hear how you met Margaret (Maggie) Thatcher!
Can you tell I'm very interested?! lol ;)

A Special Family said...

ooh forgot Ben Affleck as well! I was asked to be an extra in his movie!

Abby said...

Okay, holy cow you have met some good ones? How the heck did you meet the royal family??

I was in a children's choir when I was about 10 and we were singing at an event at a fancy hotel in Phoenix where she was the speaker. Except we didn't know that. This cute little British lady walked up to a few of us and shook our hands and asked us what songs we would be singing. We told her Beatles songs and she said, "Oh, I love the Beatles!" She was very nice.

A Special Family said...

oooh I forgot Kelly Ripa as well2x

What a neat experience for you singing for Maggie!

how did I meet them all?
Horse Races - the Royal Family are BIG into horse racing, for a while I had a box next to a royal box!

Church - again Royal family goes to Church, I went to the same one a few times

My work - often when we have launches or get awards for service to children royals come to see our progress, shake our hands etc.

Through a friend - I have a friend who has a famous parent! Nuff said ;)

Airlines - sit in first class, you'll be in awe at who you meet.

Ben Affleck - was walking down a street in Washington, was stopped by the producer and asked to be an extra.

Baseball games - It's a bit of a running joke as I always meet famous people at ball games. I've only been to about 6 games in my life and yet at all 6 met famous people!

A Special Family said...

also went to Diana's funeral, so of course there were a lot of famous people around me, we didn't talk...too sad...