Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mall

Yesterday we were bored and stir-crazy, so we went to the mall. Sounds kind of scary with two cranky kids, right? Well, it turned out to be quite the opposite! (Read those last words like Elizabeth Bennett says them to Mr. Darcy.) (Nerd alert.)

We bought Milo his first church tie at Baby Gap. We were on the fence about it until we realized it was Griffyndor colors. (Double nerd alert.) I can't wait to clip that little puppy on him on Sunday.

Then we bought hot pretzels. That speaks for itself.

Then Milo took a ride on the carousel. I chose the fiercest looking stallion and stood next to Milo while Pearl and Jamie watched. Milo had a straight, almost bewildered face the entire ride, but as soon as we exited he couldn't stop saying "horsey!" accompanied by giggles. He continued this the whole drive home.

Then we took pictures in the photo booth, which I think is a fun little tradition we should start. Milo kept pushing buttons, making the pictures color instead of black + white like we wanted. (He almost gave us an "100% Angel" background, too.) The thing I like about these pictures is that Jamie and I tried to mix it up a bit, while the kids took a different approach... Milo held the picture strip all the way home and laughed and pointed (all the while still saying "horsey").

An unexpectedly fun evening!


Emily said...

Sounds like fun, Abra. I like your new soundtrack. Thanks for mixing it up.

Meghan said...

Unexpected fun evenings are always the best. BTW you two are the furthest thing from nerdy...

bon177bon said...

i love the kids' expressions in every picture. classic. i have many of these same photo strips from high school with all of us jammed in there. next time-i like milo's pick of 100% angel theme. spice it up a bit