Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Know what you like and like what you know

Today Sarah posted about some chandeliers she likes and I happily thought, "I love those!" Happy because sometimes I like things only because I think I should like them. Bad bad bad. That is part of my people-pleasing nature that is negative. Oprah was a people-pleaser in her twenties too. I can't wait until I am 50 and a media powerhouse and look back at my twenties like, "Ha! What was I thinking?!" It will be cleansing or something.

But anyway, the chandeliers inspired me. These are things I like in a house.

Graphic Rugs

Grey walls
White walls

Modern nurseries + white cribs
White, clean bedding

Colorful kids' rooms

White kitchen cabinets

Colorful craft room

Cool sinks

Industrial accents

Organization organization organization

Milk glass

Hardwood floors. Big windows and good views. Amsterdam anyone?

Canopy beds

Design Mom's exact porch. Love it.

Wallpaper. (And, of course, the chandelier.)

Wow, that was a lot (and not even close to everything)! I will never be able to afford this house, but Oprah can.

Thanks for indulging me.


Sarah said...

Abby, we are sisters. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! I have 95% of those pictures saved in my "someday" files as well. Or something just like them. Definitely the mid-centry modern, classic, clean-lines, eclectic, industrial style.

Abby said...

I knew we weren't sisters for nothing!

Your house inspires me, by the by.

amyegodfrey said...


Sarah said...

btw, where are the rugs from?

Abby said...

They're all from madelineweinrib.com

Good site.

elizabeth said...

Awesome picks. I love all those things too! Funny enough, some of those pictures are in my "Home Inspirations" book.

Neil and Diana said...

The pics are really cool. In the future we all will have really cool decors. (Not that some of us don't have them right now, Sara.) And we all will live near each other.

Abby said...

I like that. I daydream about that sometimes, except that we are all living in London and having tea and scones in our parlors...

A Special Family said...

I'm in love.....

'nuff said

and terribly jealous, thanks for the torture ;)