Tuesday, October 09, 2007

For the record we are Independents, but is Harry Reid a Democrat or a Gadianton Robber?

At the BYU Forum today:

Senator Harry Reid: "I believe that the invasion of Iraq was a huge mistake."

(smattering of applause)

Reid: "Others believe it was necessary and the correct action at the correct time."

(another smattering of applause and...)

Milo: "Yaaaaaaaay!!!" (clapping hands enthusiastically)


Angela said...

Was it just me, or was it a little weird to have him bear his testimony and talk politics in the same speech?

Emily said...

Milo and Isaac, clapping away!

I read the article in the Daily Herald, and apparently Senator Reid said things that I didn't hear him say. He was so soft-spoken.

Abby said...

I agree, much quieter than, say, on the Senate floor.

Angela, I think everyone was confused because we said "Amen" and then applauded. The combination of testimony and politics felt a little manipulative at times. But overall, I was impressed with him.

Neil and Diana said...

what is gadianton?

Abby said...

The Gadianton Robbers were a secretive, plotting group of people in the Book of Mormon. Some guy in the front row shouted "Harry Reid is a Gadianton Robber!" just as he finished his remarks.

Kind of funny.

A Special Family said...

I found your blog from Amy's - I absolutely love it & your play list. Milo and Pearl are simply adorable! And since I am living in England right now and miss home terribly, I miss seeing the snow pictures too :)

A Special Family said...

oops that was supposed to say from Wendy's! lol
and I keep listening to your playlist, thank you for introducing me to passenger seat, I already love Feist....pure bliss!

Abby said...

Kate, can we switch and I live in England?!

You're sweet! And you have the best music taste. :)