Sunday, August 12, 2007

Black and White makes me feel like a better photographer than I am.

Pearl finally has a middle name: Grace. Named after me, as well as a couple cool cousins and an equally cool great-grandma. I realize the name is short on the syllabage, but I just wasn't coming up with much. I also realize syllabage isn't a word.

I think she's coming into her "I'm going to be really fussy all the time" stage, but that's ok because we love her so much. We're just feeling a bit tired. The other night I finished feeding her and nudged Jamie awake to hand me her pacifier. After a good minute of rummaging around and complaining, "Where is it?" he finally turned to me and said, "Wait, you wanted a silver platter, right?"** We laughed and laughed at that one. Then we went to sleep because we're tired.

Two kids is challenging but I can tell it's going to get really fun in the near future- maybe when Milo realizes the pacifier goes in Pearl's mouth instead of jamming it in her eye and inciting screams (from both Pearl and mommy). Cross your fingers for me!

**Correction: Jamie says it was a silver cookie sheet. Much more normal.


Emily said...

What a beautiful family! Cute hair, girl. Have you tried the five s's to get her to stop crying? First step: swaddle.

Emily said...

Also, Pearl Grace is the best name.

amyegodfrey said...

The photos are wonderful! Your hair is very cute!

wendy said...

What terrific photos! You look fab, Abby, as does the whole fam. :-)

Thanks for letting me hold Pearl for practically the whole evening. She is precious!

If you get too tired, we've got room for more ... if you know what I mean! ;-)

Abby said...

Emily, I need the other four s's. I NEED them.

Mom, thank you very much.

Wendy, oh, I know what you mean... :) And thank YOU!

amyegodfrey said...

I'll jump in on the 5 s's. They absolutely work - most of the time. For details, google "the 5 s's of calm babies.
1. Swaddling
2. Side/stomach
3. Shhhh
4. Swinging
5. Sucking
I'm impressed that you took ALL of the photos, Abby.

bon177bon said...

abby-beautiful family! and your hair, like always, looks super cute. ray told me about the surgery. how awful within the first few weeks of pearl. grace is an awesome name :)

Emily said...

Ab, there's a book, but basically it's that babies want to feel like they're still in the womb. Swaddle her tightly, hold her on her side facing away from you (this eliminates her startle reflex), give her a pacifier, then "shush" really loudly in her ear. Do it loudly, louder than she's crying. You'll think it's bad for her hearing, but it's not: the noise in the womb was even louder. Then the last thing is to swing or rock her.
Other technique: swaddle her, give her a pac, and put her in her crib or a swing and play LOUD static from the radio, louder than you intuitively think you should.

Also: give her simethicone drops for gas. Don't eat broccoli or chocolate.

I want a full report.

Emily said...

The book is The Happiest Baby on the Block.

Sarah said...

Love the name. Love the new haircut! How are you feeling?

Neil and Diana said...

Abby, your pictures are so cool! I love them! Milo is turning into a little boy! Wow Emily -- when we have a baby can I hire you as a consultant?

Emily said...

I'm very expensive.

shugee said...

you guys are very cute, and so is the hair, and so is the name. i'm glad to hear the surgery bit is over, i can only imagine how stressfull that must have been for you!

p.s. i was so sad to come home from a family vacation in mexico and see that i missed your shower!

shugee said...

and also, your photography skills are excellent.

wendy said...

Abby--I put some pics from the baby shower on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I'll get a disc to you asap.