Saturday, July 21, 2007


Sometimes it really stinks to be the youngest of the family.
You are the last to do anything.
No one takes you seriously.
You will always be the baby. (Flashback to fifteen years ago, Neil and I fighting. Neil: "Abby spells Baby! B-A-B-Y!" Abby: "No! Nooo! I'm not a baby!")

Other times, it is awesome to be the youngest and to have such great, supportive older siblings.

Case in point: Tim and Wendy meet us at Ikea, are extremely patient with us as we look at a billion things we need, are extremely patient with a sick little Milo as he cries and cries, and then buy us this lovely little piece in which our babe will slumber...

How awesome is that?
Thanks guys!


amyegodfrey said...

That's a great crib! Wendy and Tim are always so generous and kind to you.

Emily said...

They bought you a crib?! I can't take you seriously.

wendy said...

You are SO welcome! :-) We love being able to treat you guys when we can.

We weren't being patient with you--we were having fun! :-)

sarah said...

What? A crib? Milo is going to feel so slighted. It's always the youngest child, Milo...always the youngest.

Emily said...

i had to come check you out 'cause you're Em's siter and, well, what can I say? I'm quite fond of Em. So happy for your good-crib-fortune! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Oh, and Milo! He is a doll (loved the picture where he's laying against your belly -- what a melter!)