Friday, July 06, 2007

The Cool List by Milo J. Sharp

...or How to be cool like me.

1. Water bottles are for sissies. I drink from the hose- the hard stuff!!!

2. Forts are so hot right now. Anyone who's anyone has a fort. So hot.

3. I've gone "green" and you should too. Scooters and trains are THE way to get around these days. (And when you're riding in them, say things like "Wowee!" and "Cool!" No one will be able to doubt the coolness that way.)

4. When you're done eating, save a little food on your face for later. That way, you don't have to do something embarrassing like ask for seconds.

5. Two words: Pants optional.


Emily said...

Can you guys move to Phoenix and be our full-time nannies?

Emily said...

Did that sound bad? What I meant was, you're ALL on the cool list and we want to spend more time with you. Coolio.

Neil and Diana said...

Can you guys move to Phoenix?

amyegodfrey said...

Yeah, can you move to Phoenix? I know it's unlikely, but we can dream. Milo's personality sure comes through in the pics. Big smile here!

Abby said...

You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good!

Yeah, Phoenix is not ruled out at this point, but less likely than us staying here.

Emily, you must know that second to being a mom, being a nanny to my nieces and nephews would be my dream job! But I think we all know Jamie would be the nanny of choice for the kids. Or should I say "manny?" You'd be so hip!

sarah said...

You guys are nice to build Mili a fort. Cute pics! And why don't you move to Phoenix?

wendy said...

Super cute, Abby! Milo you ARE cool!

And they can't move to Phoenix, because we would all die without them! ;-)

sarah said...

mili and milo. they make a good pair.

Abby said...

Sarah, I think you've found a girl's name for us!!!

That wouldn't be confusing at all.