Thursday, June 21, 2007

Viva Mexico!

Our vacation: A list.

Good: We made it to Arizona in time to celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday Party. As the invitation said, "60 never looked so good!"

Bad: Arizona is really really really hot. This is especially true at almost 8 months pregnant.

Good: My mom officially became Milo's new mom during the week, while I had the pleasure of lounging around and watching lots of HGTV. (I think I am now certified to flip a house or something.)

Bad: Now that we are home, Milo is really bored and misses his Nana. And I miss the lounging. And the HGTV.

Good: My entire family got together and headed down to Puerto Penasco a.k.a. Rocky Point for a fun-filled weekend in a condo on the beach.

Bad: A beach vacation requires the donning of certain swim apparel. Enough said.

Good: Milo loved the ocean, the sand, the sun- all of it!

Bad: Aforementioned sand often found its way to his mouth.

Good: Jamie and the kids gathered tons of mussels from the rocks and he cooked them up for us! They were tasty!

Bad: I don't think you're supposed to eat shellfish when you're pregnant. Am I right?

Good: I got to spend lots of quality time with my family that I never see!

Bad: I lost a lot of rounds of Rummikub.

Good: We had some tasty food, including delicious fish tacos.

Bad: I think all of the waiters were terrified of such a large group and so many kids.

Good: Jamie and I went out in a sea kayak and enjoyed the ocean waves.

Bad: The ocean waves capsized our sea kayak. My girth prevented me from being able to get back in, despite Jamie and brother-in-law Steve both trying to hoist me in. Bruised my back in the process. Felt like a beached whale. (Not to worry, I finally got back in.)

Good: Our beach condo was nice and spacious. Jamie and I were lucky enough to get to stay in the master bedroom.

Bad: The power went out the night before we left, which also means the water got turned off. Hot night and difficulty getting ready in the morning.

Good: The power came back...

Bad:...minutes before we left. Hah!

Good: The beach was relaxing and beautiful.

Bad: I got bit by some nasty bugs that my mom now tells me might be parasitic. Ewwww!

Good: Ryan made a fabulous musical slideshow of our pictures from the weekend.

Bad: I can't get "Some Like It Hot" out of my head now! (Thanks Ryan- or should I say Sarah?)

Good: We had a wonderful vacation and a great time with my family! Muy bien!

Bad: The drive back to Utah included: no a/c in our car, me locking the keys in the car in Kanab, poor Milo crying much of the way because he was hot and bored, me crying much of the way because I was hot and bored, 12 hours of driving, our car making funny noises, did I mention no a/c?

Good: Home sweet home.

(For the record, the goods definitely outweighed any bads on this trip. We had a fantastic time. But you know, gotta keep the blog posts interesting...)


amyegodfrey said...

Abby, that is such a good record of our trip! Very clever. Your pictures are wonderful!

Abby said...

Thanks Mom! I think you are the only person who will ever comment on my blog again, so keep it up.

Neil and Diana said...

I like the pictures a lot, particularly the one of you passing Jonah, both in blue/white stripes, and the one of Milo sitting on the beach.

Angela said...

Man, I'm pretty jealous of the Godfrey family reunion! Cute post, Abby.

sarah said...

Mom is not your only fan. Love the photos! I didn't see these in the "Some Like It Hot" documentary. That's a shame - we could have listened to it one more time.

debi said...

Sounds like it was super fun. (although nothing compares to camping at aunt marsha's house.) I think you are right about the shellfish thing. Bummer.

Emily said...

These are fabulous pictures.

bon177bon said...

abs, your trip to rocky point was definently better than mine. what hotel/condo did you stay at? i was at the princessa.

Emily said...

If only the house had more things on the walls. . . .

Neil and Diana said...

I mean Elliot, not Jonah. I know, Emily, the decor was kind of Spartan.