Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is this the city of angels or demons?

Random Concert Memory #1

While Jamie and I were engaged, Death Cab for Cutie happened to be coming to Salt Lake on my birthday. He bought tickets and it was a really fun night and an awesome, intimate concert venue. Post-show we chatted with lead singer Ben Gibbard and he signed a dollar bill for me. He reminded me of my brother, Ryan. I overheard someone asking Ben if they got their name from such and such, and he said yes. I was disappointed because I couldn't hear what they were saying. (Does anyone know where they got their name? Neil?) Also, Jamie finagled a guitar pick from the curly-haired guitarist for me. I bought a cool poster, too. It was quite the concert swag-fest.

Random Concert Memory #2

In high school, my friends and I were really really really into Incubus. Brandon Boyd was such a babe. Oh, and the music was good, too. They came to Utah my freshman year of college, so we all shelled out the bucks and elbowed our way to the middle of the pit. It was the most draining experience of my life, and I don't think I could breathe the whole time, but they put on a great concert. We were seriously squished. I remember this tall kid with a huge mop of curly blonde hair wedged his way in front of me halfway through. He was banging his sweaty head in my face the whole time and I finally got so fed up I "accidentally" whacked him with my elbow a few times. He was really annoying.

Random Concert Memory #3

A few days after our honeymoon, Jamie and I went to the Cure concert in Phoenix as part of my birthday present to him. The Cure is his all-time favorite band. We had seats rather than rocking the pit (much too old for that now), but it was still awesome. Our favorite part was that Robert Smith would say "Cure!" after every song (but it sounded like "Kyuh!") Jamie still has me mimic that sometimes. He thinks it's really funny.

The point of these memories is that I really enjoy concerts and I really miss going to them and Emily and Steve are going to The Police reunion concert and I think that's so awesome. The end.


Emily said...

Right after we got married, we saw Morrissey in Salt Lake on Halloween night, and someone actually said to us, "Oh, you're one of those cool married couples who go to concerts and stuff." Yep, we are!

Why don't you come to see The Police with us, huh?

sarah said...

Abby, you're a rocker!

bon177bon said...

abs, i was just thinking abou the incubus concert the other day. that was so intense! i just remember the smell of marijuana wafting through the air. oh-and 4th concert memory, when i was the poor 3rd wheel to you and jamie at the weezer/dashboard concert. fun times though!

debi said...

abby- i, too, have always loved concerts. not exactly the same ones as you and james. :) but the last time i dragged will out to one of them i didn't really enjoy it at all. i found myself people watching rather than liking the concert. that was a huge sign something was wrong. (it didn't help that will had just had surgery on his kneee two days before and i was feeling guilty for allowing him to accompany me to the concert.)

so after the concert that night i shared my feelings with will, who couldn't have been happier with my news. i actually decided that maybe i had grown too old for concerts.....or maybe i had just been attending the wrong kind all of those years!

(although- i'll never forget that james asked me once to make him a copy of the new tim mcgraw cd.:)

Abby said...

Emily, I am definitely milling that idea around in my mind. I'll let you know.

Sarah, yes, I rock.

Bon, I'm glad you can remember how intense that was! You were the best third wheel we could've asked for! (but you really weren't the third wheel at all!)

Debi, I think you just need to be coming to the rock concerts with us! The people watching is better there too. I think Jamie will actually admit to liking a FEW Tim McGraw songs. That's progress.

Jarret said...

Abby...you have to ask Jamie about his first concert. I like to think that I had something to do with his terrific taste in music.

Let me know...


Abby said...

INXS. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

i went and saw the shins this week, they were soo good! and everytime incubus comes to town it randomly reminds me of you getting to go. do you know who damien rice is? just got tickets to his concert next month and i am elated!! i don't think you ever get too old for concerts :-)


ps- i finially figured out how to post a comment w/out having to create an account!

Abby said...

THE SHINS! Nice Micheal! Good to hear from you! I'm going to email you right now...

Abby said...

Oh and Damien Rice is so so good too.