Friday, July 11, 2008

love how she goes all postal at the end.


Anonymous said...

Abby Girl!

What up? It's Brooke. Okay, this was by far one of my favorite dances ever! I love Chelsy! She is adorable.

Miss you guys! Sorry I keep missing you when you're up here. I'm gonna try and stop by soon!

Luv ya!

MissKris said...

LOVE this show. I almost cried this week when our DVR messed up and I missed the first half of it. Brian was like are you seriously gonna cry? I told him he didn't understand. I like Katee and Josh and their dance to Hometown made me cry haha.

Sarah said...

This is amazing! I wish I was learning to be this good in my hip hop class! I seem to keep missing this show, but I love it too.

Bethany said...

I, too, love that show! I, too, can never watch it! (Mutual night:( ).
Twitch it awesome!

Kelly & Nate Wright said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. My favorites are Mark and Chelsie, Josh and Katee, and Twitch and Kherington. I don't know who got voted off last week so I have to go check that out still :)

Jarret said...

Don't know the show too well, but I love to dance, always have.

Watched the 3rd one with Eli and Elle in tow, and Eli asked "Is that James and Abby dancing?"

World famous?!? Who knew?

Love you guys.

Abby said...

eli is my favorite.